Friday, January 02, 2009

Minimalist Fitness: Wherever you go, there you are, working out!

Minimalist Fitness: Wherever you go, there you are, working out!

I just read this excellent post on the Zen Habits blog which reflects a lot of my own philosophy of minimalist conditioning as well.

Part of self-directed training is doing a little research to figure out how to get started, then getting out of analysis mode and DOING IT. It helps in making that transition to DOING IT to have someone do some of the planning for you to get started. I list several programs that I've used personally and found very helpful and very motivating. There are many others that look good as well based on similar sound principles. Remember, I'm not suggesting these in particular for veterans or elite athletes, I'm emphasizing the ones that will help a relative newbie get started fast in a solid minimalist program which they can build on themselves later.

Turbulence Training
Does all of the planning for you with predetermined minimalist sessions and vaariety and progression built in. Support forums, contests, ongoing workouts available.

"Never Gymless" Workout
High-end intensity minimalist principles and program ideas, you have to do a little planning work to use this well and most of it is not really for absolute beginners but it provides superb conditioning principles.

This is a whole culture of programs around various aspects of fitness with a strong minimalist slant and often an interestingly unusual twist.

A very cool approach based on swinging heavy blades around to emphasize functional movement. I mention this one mostly because it is fun, especially when you get bored with burpees and pushup varations.

As I said, I’m omitting a lot of good ones, but these I’ve actually used so far and found fun, effective, and minimalist.

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