Friday, April 06, 2012

Book Review:  You Are Your Own Gym

by Mark Lauren
Kindle edition available, review based on Kindle edition.
Text-to-Speech enabled on Kindle version.
165 pages.
Ballantyne Books (Random House)

Link to full review on Amazon

In a nutshell:  A lot of useful and clever exercise variations, good use of periodization for long term training goals, a number of good sample routines with progressions, very solid, practical advice for practical fitness through bodyweight exercise.  Straight to the point: exercises, protocols, and sample progressions.  A few tips of nutrition but mostly focuses on exercise.  Some of the protocols are tricky at first but the associated iPad app makes them a lot easier to learn if you can train with an iPad next to you.  A useful reference if you are interested in bodyweight training.  See the full version of the review on Amazon for more details.

Amazon review: